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So my computer is completely and utterly dead. Which rounds out a fantastic week!

On the plus side Elyse is here and I've had a lot of fun this weekend. We went out for dinner Friday night and Saturday found us being woke up at 730am to go to the parade, which was kind of lack-luster, but it was pretty cool that the police office checking bags wouldn't let us bring our beer in but told us we could go "out of sight" and drink it and then come back. So we did. Hooray!

But yea I wasn't drunk at all, so it was just a lot of standing around making fun of people, which I do enjoy.

Then we went to Mad Mex last night with Talia, which I hadn't been in over a year and omg so good. I had a mango margarita (like always) and then we decided to get a strawberry-mango one to share and omg it was the greatest thing in the entire world. Like dangerously delicious.

But somehow none of us ended up the slightest bit drunk and it was just annoying, haha.

Tonight I think we're making dinner?

I dunno, I'm tired still (it's 2pm) and trying to figure out how to get music onto my iphone without deleting everything. Meh.

Ups and downs for sure.