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Jan. 9th, 2009

There is a baby at work named Winston Martini.

That is what I think about when I hate my job.

The end.
I just came across this totally randomly and was instantly zipped back to my childhood.

If someone wanted to buy me it for my birthday, I would not object.

I'm typing this on my phone, so I apologize in advance for weird spelling/caps. I wish the phone was smart and learn the words I type, but whatever.

so I am back from Florida. I had an awesome time. it was WAY TOO SHORT, natch.

we just mostly did a lot of hanging out and enjoying each others company. we watched a lot of movies; taken (awesome), burn after reading (meh), the orphanage (awesome), love me if you dare (awesome, but I knew that), don't mess with the zohan (stupid), zac and miri make a porno (half decent), the rape of europa (documentary but it was really neat), and he introduced me to arrested development which is awesome.

he works at morikami which is a Japanese museum/garden, so we went there Thursday so he could set up some stuff for a lecture. I also got a behinds the scenes look and man is it gorgeous. it was getting dark outside though and I'm very anti-flash, so I unfortunately didn't take any pictures. I did manage to slip and fall down a step and somehow my foot bent under and I cut my toe and scraped the polish off of 3 toes. gotta love bring a klutz. and wearing flip flops in December.

we were sitting outside and 2 people struck up conversations with us, and just as I was thinking about how nice and polite southern people are the guy mentioned he was from Baltimore and the lady was from Boston. so there went that theory.

Friday we just hung out again and at one point, we went to get a package he had gotten and he had me open it for him while he was in the bathroom. I open it up and see an electric blanket and freaked out because I thought I had ruined some surprise. but then he comes out of his room and I just say "it's not a book" (what I thought it was and what I thought he thought it was). and then he reveals he knew it all along and just wanted me to open it. so I got an amazing early christmas present, which I've used both nights I've been home and it is easily the softest/warmest blanket I've ever owned.

I kept saying "I can't believe you" because we hadn't discussed the whole present thing and it was just so nice and he said "I just want you to be warm". say it with me now...awwwwwwww.

Saturday he took me to 2 swamps, which were really cool. I saw the biggest alligator I've ever seen and also 4 babies that were probably 8 inches long and soooooo cute.

then we went to public where I could not shut up about how much I love their brand image. it's just so clean and nice.

then we came home and baked cookies. sugar cookies and tried to start a gingerbread house but the dough was too sticky so we put it in the fridge til Sunday.

Sunday we tried to do the house but only got halfway before I had to go to the airport and start my 23 hour trip home.

I had a great time, it was very relaxed and chill and no worrying about what to do next, we just went with the flow. I got really used to it though and I'm really bummed to not only be back to this disgusting weather, but my boring, lonely life.

until next time.

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I'm in Philly. at the airport. there was an emergency landing at like 530 (everyone is okay) so they've shut down all but one runway and the airport is a damn mess. we circled the city for about an hour before we were able to come in and then had to sit out on the runway for another hour before we could get to a gate. I spent that second hour teaching the old man next to me how to use his iPhone.

since everything was delayed coming in, it's also delayed going out. my 825 flight is "estimated" to leave here at 1135, getting me to Pittsburgh at 1am. way later than the busses run. but the flight out of this gate before mine was just cancelled, so I'm gonna try to keep it posi.

I was hoping to get some kind of voucher out of this, but the ppl who had their flight cancelled are being told something about it's "out of [southwest's] control," so I'm probably going to write an email for good measure. ugh.

Dec. 10th, 2008

I'm here! I posted that last night but it went private for some reason. anyways I'm here and it's amazing. andnim either still sick or allergic to his cat?

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waiting at the airport, my 340 flight was delayed til 520, which would not mesh with my 540 flight out of philly. so I may have cried. and talked to the gate lady and now I'm flying to tampa at 505 with a 2 hour layover, getting to pbi at 950. letcha know when I'm there.

good thing I didn't check bags.

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I just wrote a giant entry and this app ate it.

I lost my strep throat virginity and cough syrup with codeine is heaven sent.

also my boss is a sociopath, I'm almost certain.

and I go to Florida in less than a week. eeekkkk! <3333333

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I started this on Monday, but forgot about it.

So I guess the best time to complain about how much I hate my job is while I'm sitting here at said job 45 minutes early because my boss failed to inform me I worked the later shift this morning.

I came in this morning to find a mini post it note on my mailbox asking if I can work the early shift Tuesday and Wednesday. I was under the impression that I now always worked the early shift considering I've worked it for the past, oh, THREE WEEKS. (Backstory: I had worked the later shift, the girl that worked the early shift asked to switch with me on a few occasions and then asked to switch forever. I agreed and she said she'd talk to the boss.)

Apparently that is not the case though.

Last week was the worst week I have ever had with any job, ever. It began on Tuesday when my coworker did not show up for her shift. It was 1030, shes supposed to be here at 915 and there were 15 kids to 2 of us. Which is against the law, we are always supposed to have a 6:1 ratio. And have you ever dealt with 15 toddlers?! Finally they noticed, or cared, and got someone in with us. Repeat the same thing on Wednesday.

Thursday they actually had someone in her place but it was still the most frustrating day ever. At one point the administrative assistant (herein referred to as CopyBitch) was in my room with another girl and I was in the bathroom changing diapers. (another sidenote: From noon on, I change every single diaper and no one else lifts a finger. Every fucking day)

I come out of the bathroom and ask how many kids we have. (Side note: if at any time my boss or someone asks how many kids are in the room and we don't know, we get bitched at). Since I was in the in the bathroom for close to 30 minutes, it was very likely that a kid had left.

So I say "Oh how many kids do we have"
"Oh who left?"

and at this point the stupid CopyBitch says

"Um excuse me but how are you supposed to be teaching and enriching these childrens lives if you are standing there talking?!"
I said "Um I was asking how many kids we had?!"

and I walked away and was on the verge of tears because I was so fucking pissed. you do not come in my room and tell me how to do my job. go back up front and copy something, bitch.

The kids were just rotten that whole day, I was stressed to the fucking limit and then a little boy climbs up on a chair, finds the stapler on a counter, pulls all the staples out and is CHEWING ON THEM.

Luckily he didn't swallow any or cut himself or anything, but JESUS CHRIST.

(Note: I was in the back of the room, reading stories, there was another girl that should have been paying attention to the area that he was in, whatever.)

We had a review last week and went over it on Wednesday with the Regional Director and the Reviewer lady and while we had a lot of good things, we had some things that needed improved. And while I normally keep my mouth shut, I was very vocal about what things don't work and I was very proud of myself. I told them in all honesty I was fed up. And they offered help, which was nice. I left the meeting feeling good, but when I walked back into the classroom and realized all the asinine things they need us to do, I about lost my mind again.

I also found out that all of the girls there don't hate me. They apparently don't like the other girl in my room, so they haven't invited to me to any of their get-togethers even though they have wanted to, because they thought we were buddy-buddy.

I'm buddy-buddy with no one there. So I got invited to 2 girls birthday things in the next few weeks, so that was kind of exciting and made me feel like I wasn't a pariah.

Although I'm not sure that I'll go because everyone that works there slacks like it is in their job description. My job description: Slack-picker-upper, apparently.

So then our furnace broke on Wednesday and we got to go home an hour early and the center is closed until noon Monday. Luckily I have another job, so I can work there and fully enjoy 4.5 child-free days.

Whatever, I'm sick, exhausted, and going to bed.

PS Things with Jimi are fantastic, since I know that's all most of you care about.


Nov. 11th, 2008

Things I need to write about but do not have the energy.

My job. I alternately love and hate it. Hate the management. Hate the pay. Love the babies. Ugh.

I'm going to Florida December 10th-14th. So so so excited.

I finally have health insurance. I'm going to try to get them to take out my gall bladder before I end up losing it again (The insurance, not the gallbladder, I am TRYING to lose that). I don't even know if they'll do that, but I'm going to beg.

My great-grandma died. She was 87. I haven't seen her in probably 15 years. She is the one that pushed everyone away and my mom saw her a month or so ago and said she was not the same person but it still sucks. Rest in Peace, GG.