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I worked with the assistant manager and she is super super nice. And I was also "learning" all the stuff I was already taught yesterday so it was super simple. So about half my shift was doing the book work for that, and then the second half was learning the first part of the Espresso bar. I learned how to steam milk and then make lattes and cappuccinos and the kid that was teaching me said I made a better cappuccino than he does.

There's a training glass and after you make it, you pour it into there and give it a minute to settle and the cappuccino is supposed to be half milk/half foam and mine was EXACTLY on the line. Like even my shift supervisor was impressed. I'm the boss.

Then I was just helping doing closing stuff and I spilled my first coffee on my hand, but luckily it wasn't THAT hot. If I spilled a tea on my hand it would probably melt off.

But I've got a few things down and I'm not sure what I'm up for tomorrow but my manager will only be there for the first 3 hours and then it will be the same lady I worked with tonight after my AM left, so even if she still hates me, I'll be good.


Also, I'm going on a date..ish...sort of thing on Saturday. I wasn't even trying to hang out with any dudes but he seems very promising in the emails we've exchanged (although that could mean nothing). So we'll see!