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I started work today.

And I'm now in a bad mood so I don't feel like really typing it all out. But my coworkers are awesome, they are all really nice and encouraging and funny.

My boss...I think she hates me. I understand throwing me in the midst of things because I'm not going to learn any other way. I don't understand yelling at me for things that I could not have possibly known. Like that a half-batch of coffee was not enough to make, even though that's what she told me to make. Or how high I'm supposed to fill the cups when they say "leave room for cream" or to re-fill the cups and lids when NO ONE EVER TOLD ME WHERE THEY ARE.

Luckily it was only a 4 hour shift, but I did want to cry.

But like I said, the people I work with more than made up for it.

I don't know if I just don't know how to take the boss yet, or if she hates me, or if it's just because I'm new. But I'M NEW. I don't know ANYTHING, only what you teach me. So when you put me on the floor to "watch Jesse on the register" and someone else shows me how to get brewed coffee, DON'T YELL AT ME FOR THINGS I COULDN'T HAVE POSSIBLY KNOWN.

I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow, but it's with the assistant manager and she is the one who hired me so hopefully it will go smoother.

Because I need this job.

Also, I got a message from Joe on myspace. Yea, that Joe that I had to break up with via a facebook message because he wouldn't answer the phone after 5 days...over a year ago.

He said "im not sure how you feel about me these days but i thought id let you know that my last girlfriend dumped me pretty cold heartedly. it seems that karma is a bitch. anyways i just wanted to apologize for not being straightforward with you last year."

Oddly enough I got an identical message from Mike a few months after he was a dick about breaking up with me.

I'm sick of getting the apology only after someone else puts you in my shoes.

They only say it to make themselves feel better. It does me absolutely no good.

I said this, "oddly enough i've gotten this same message before from an ex-boyfriend. sucks that it took that to make you apologize, but i hope in the future you'll use that, rather than simply trying to make up for things in the past."

Give Jimi enough time to get another girlfriend to dump him and I'm sure another will roll in. Although, probably not, because he wasn't really a dick about the whole break-up. Just dickish tendencies leading up to it.

I hate everyone.



Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:22 pm (UTC)
So I don't want to sound mean, but your experiences with "karma-is-a-bitch" men have brought to light that I actually experienced that too...a long time ago. I never get responses like that from any of the guys I've dated because most of them are really actually selfish people, but remember that one guy Ben with the tattoos who came from NY? Well after our upsetting debacle, he emailed like one year later and said the same thing, that because of his current gf and their situation, he now knew how I felt when he acted the way he did. At the time I was like "aw that's nice" but now, through you (dear Katrina) I see it for what it really is. And what I believe it is is men testing the waters and then they get shocked when their sweet little gf also start testing the waters and then they think "man it sucks to be drowning in this boat!" Haha.