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So I went to the daycare today. I had to get a paper signed and I decided that I would go close to 5 o'clock so that I could see some of the parents.

Well I'm walking up the street and I see a buggy full of kids but it's too far away and then I hear "TRINA!" And then my heart broke into a million little pieces.

So we stood around for a bit talking to the kids and I wrote my email address on a piece of paper and slipped it in Audrey's pocket so that hopefully her mom will email me and I can go hang out with Audrey once in a while. I seriously love that little girl.

So then they needed to continue on their walk and I had to go inside and face the demon that is my ex-boss.

I finally found her and asked her to sign it and she goes takes me back up to the office to sign it. So we do that and while she is doing something else in the office, I almost asked if I could go see the kids again but I decided to say fuck it and just went back there.

Where she shortly followed. (OF COURSE. BECAUSE I AM A FUGITIVE).

All of the parents were so happy to see me and thought that I was back and that made me cry.

Then I was talking to a girl that works there and she was asking where I was working and I said I wasn't able to find anything and blah blah and then DevilBoss comes over and says "You can't talk about that with parents around."

UM EXCUSE ME? I started to say something but literally bit my tongue to stop myself. I wanted to say "UM I don't work here anymore you CAN NOT tell me what to do." But I figured she'd kick me out and never let me come back. And as much as it hurts to be there, I need to stop in once in a while.

Instead I just said "Okay, I'm gonna go." And left. Sorry that you don't want me talking about not being able to find a job in front of parents so that they will hear and then think poorly of you for firing me because they all love me and hate you.

So I left and cried while I was walking down the street.

Then I was going to Starbucks to apply and on the way there I ran into one of the moms. The one that I babysat for a few times. In the middle of Oakland. So we stopped and talked and I ranted a bit and asked her what they told them about why I wasn't there anymore and they didn't tell them ANYTHING.

So I gave her my number again and she told me she'd call me when she needs someone, which is awesome. SO FUCK YOU BOSSLADY.

Seriously she makes me so mad I could spit. Fire. Hopefully aimed at her face and greasy hair so it would catch fire and/or melt.

So then I went to Starbucks and filled out an application. I was walking away and he said "Actually are you free tomorrow?" And I thought he was going to hire me on the spot but he told me to come back and give it to the manager. Just in case. So I'll do that. Thanks Starbucks guy.

I'm still fuming about that at the daycare. I seriously don't hate anyone in the entire world except for her. And she IS ALWAYS THERE when I go. ALWAYS. And treats me like a criminal. Lady, you fired me for not showing up, not BEATING CHILDREN.



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Mar. 30th, 2009 12:43 pm (UTC)
She sounds like someone who takes intense pride in having power. Although it's only at a daycare.

I want to open my own daycare. We should. Although we wouldn't make muuch money, but it would be fun.
Mar. 31st, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC)
haha she is evil. and on a severe power trip. ugh.

haha i dont know if i could ever work in daycare again. maybe 4 kids or less.
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