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So I'm taking a break from cleaning my apartment, which has turned into CLEANING my apartment.
I have been cleaning for like 2 weeks now because I get bored and stop and then it just gets all messy again, but it was time.

Currently my entire bed and living room chair are covered in clothes and I have a load in the washer and dryer, and this doesn't count the stuff left in my closet. For someone who wears the same 4 things every week, I have entirely too many clothes. So I'm going to go through it. Actually, I just remembered that I have a rubbermaid container under my bed full of clothes. It's been there (unopened) since I've moved in.

I also consolidated the 3 boxes of junk in my closet to one small box.

I can't help that I am a sentimental fuck.

But I'm currently waiting for a phone call from my mom in which we need to have a talk. Unless I get some surprise job this week, I think I have to move back home. March's rent is covered, but I still owe February's internet, electric, and cell phone bill. So whatever small amount of money I'll get from working at the VS this week and next week needs to go to those. And is not nearly enough for April's rent.

So I figure it will be a lot easier to move back home if I throw away half my shit first.

I don't even remember what the point of this entry was. Bye.